From adrenaline pumping charity skydives to adventurous motorcycle adventures, Laura McKechnie, from Fleet Alliance certainly enjoys living in the fast lane! Laura tells us her story and why, when the time came to replace her current company car she was reluctant to switch from a petrol car.

“When the time came to replace my current company car; a VW Scirocco, I was a bit apprehensive”, says Laura. “I was keen to save money on fuel and company car tax, however I had enjoyed the Scirocco Coupe and would have happily jumped in something similar without hesitation”.

“There was however another VW on the choice list; the zero-emission e-Golf and along with its zero-company car tax, it seemed worth looking into. The first thing that struck me about the e-Golf was how similar it looked and felt to a petrol Golf.

“The regenerative braking is also worth noting. When you nudge the gearshift into drive, you can nudge it again to give you regenerative braking so when you take your foot off the accelerator, the car slows down and the excess energy is diverted into the battery for additional charge. It’s brilliant! It means you don’t need to use the brakes very much and you get surplus energy for just going forward. How good is that”?

Laura says that the upsides are many, “With a home charger and the e-Golf app, you can heat the car in the morning while it’s still charging and you can step into a fully warmed and defrosted car which doesn’t impact the range in any way. This is particularly helpful especially in the winter months, so it won’t affect the 130- mile range radius”.

The e-Golf is also rated at 0% benefit-in-kind company car tax, resulting in an estimated saving of £3000 a year including fuel for Laura.

“I loved the car after a week, it completely turned my view of EVs upside down but the real positive for me are those yearly financial savings and knowing I’m not polluting the air while having great driving fun!”

Along with the car’s specification and driving characteristics, Laura believes this has been a significant factor in her decision to change to zero emission motoring. “My decision to go green was overall an easy one and I have already placed an order for the VW e-Golf.”

For Fleet Alliance, it means our current company fleet of electric and hybrid cars will move up to 25% as we move towards our goal of 100% electric cars on fleet. And underlines the value of becoming a Go Ultra Low Company.

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